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TBD, Late April/May 2024


2024: TBD 




Maggie and Stan Smith - OWNERS

Fleur de Provence Lavender Farm began in 2003 as an effort for a north Idaho farm girl to play in the dirt and grow something spectacular.

From tilling the soil to selecting the many different species of lavender based on their beauty, versatility, and enchanting scents, it has been a labor of love as more than 500 lavender plants flourish and grow.

People often ask where the idea of growing lavender originated.  Maggie grew up on a Jersey dairy farm in north Idaho.  Besides cows, her grandfather had a huge, amazing vegetable garden and a luscious raspberry patch surrounded by flowers of all varieties. Her summers were spent feeding potato bugs to the chickens, picking sticky raspberries, and swimming in the nearby river.  After visiting a beautiful lavender farm on Vashon Island, the idea of growing her own flowers was born.


Fleur de Provence Lavender Farm is a labor of love and a lot of hard work. Maggie and husband Stan love the outdoors and have been blessed with great land.  When you visit the farm, know that each plant is lovingly cared for.


Maggie knows her grandpa in heaven looks down and wishes he could join them nurturing the beautiful lavender field.

With the warm sunny days of summer and such hardy plants, this lavender farm will continue to flourish.  Both Maggie and Stan look forward to welcoming you whenever you arrive for a visit.


"Maggie is a kind and genuine lady! Her lavender is absolutely beautiful! We always have a fabulous experience on her lovely hill of lavender! I travel all the way from Casselton ND to pick lavender with my family!"

"This farm is amazing. Not only does it smell like heaven but the owner is very friendly and helpful."

"Had a lovely time visiting here.  Got a little tour and learned about the different varieties of lavender they grow.  Can't wait to visit again!


"They (my kids) love Miss Maggie and her lavender farm and Mr. Stan and his tractor. :)" v

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